Québec Bourse hires the survey firm CROP to perform a quantitative survey of officers of publicly-traded Quebec companies

Québec Bourse is proud to announce the results of a quantitative study carried out by the survey firm CROP. The study provided answers to the following questions:

Which issues are publicly-traded companies facing?

What would the principal role for an association of publicly-traded companies in Quebec be?

What interest do these companies have in this association and the activities it would offer?


The following text is an excerpt of the study findings. You can obtain a digital copy of the report by e-mailing us at: info@quebecbourse.com 

Issues faced by public companies 

Practically all of the companies (85%) surveyed in the present study confirmed that being publicly traded required them to face certain issues.

[Issues faced by public corporations]

They reported that the nature of these issues is linked to…

-burdensome administration (89% deemed this an important issue) 

-the lack of liquidity in the markets (82% deemed this an important issue) 

-the level of executives’ involvement in terms of time (78% deemed this an important issue)

-the difficulties for Québec companies to find financing in the province (76% deemed this tio be an important issue)

-the lack of visibility of small-cap and mid-cap public Quebec companies (63% deemed this an important issue)

Role of an association for publicly-traded companies  

With respect to these issues, most of the companies (87%, 26% of which were very certain) believe that an association for public Quebec companies could have a role in supporting them. They said that they’d like the Association to play a rather large role in representation (particularly by defending their interests in dealings with regulatory agencies, but also by promoting their visibility).  

[Role of an association for publicly-traded companies]

More specifically, they believe the Association could be useful…

– for visibility, by making public Quebec companies better-known (80% consider this a useful role)

– in terms of representation and defending the interests of public Quebec companies (76% consider this a useful role)

– by engaging in networking via the exchange of best practices and searching for partners (74% consider this a useful role)

– for education, through the organization of training events related to public corporation issues (71% consider this a useful role)

– for mentoring purposes, by giving access to entrepreneurs and other experienced resources (71% consider this a useful role)

– by offering direction and support, guiding the companies towards relevant sources of information (66% consider this a useful role)

Interest in an association of publicly-traded companies 

Almost six out of ten companies (59%, 12% of which were very interested) showed interest in becoming members of the Association. They showed varying levels of interest in the different types of activities that the Association might organize. 

They would be interested in:

– using a web portal incorporating useful content for public companies (61%)

– participating in a mission outside of Quebec to meet with investors (56%)

– participating in networking breakfasts or lunches with educational themes (56%)

– attending an awards gala (40%)


About Québec Bourse

Québec Bourse is an association of Quebec-based public companies whose mission is to promote their interest and value the stock markets.