Why join Québec Bourse?

If you’re an officer or a director of a Québec based listed company or a professional working with or advising a or more Québec companies listed on a stock exchange, Québec Bourse is your association. 

Québec Bourse is an association of Québec-based public companies whose mission is to promote their interests and value the stock markets.

Québec Bourse objectives are:

1. To establish QB as the voice of Québec’s public companies and their key representative in dealing with regulatory and government authorities;

2. To increase members’ visibility among market participants (such as institutional investors, securities brokers, and retail investors) and the Québec media;

3. To foster collaboration and networking among members;

4. To provide information, training opportunities and a forum for discussion on best practices in order to support members in their activities and roles as officers of listed companies;

5. To educate and inform retail investors about the stock market for small and midsize businesses.

Why Québec Bourse?

  • To represent you with regulatory bodies and assert your opinions;
  • To increase the visibility of Québec’s publicly-traded small and midsize businesses;
  • For networking activities and information sessions;
  • To promote collaboration between market participants;
  • A diverse and motivated Board of Directors.

For questions and further information, contact Louis Doyle by email at ldoyle@quebecbourse.com or by phone at 438.394.7328 or 514.699.4647.