Québec Bourse supports a reduction of the regulatory burden for public companies

Québec Bourse has submitted its comments to the Canadian Securities Administrators public consultation aiming at reducing the regulatory burden for public companies. 

It is essential to have a close look at the current regulatory framework and the relevance and appropriateness of all the requirements. There is a significant imbalance between the regulatory burden, compliance costs and investor protection. Investor protection must remain a priority. However the current regulatory regime has resulted in an overload of information and documentation which does not necessarily serve well the issuers nor the investors. 

Our main recommandations include:

  • An increase of the pool of issuers eligible to the streamlined rules;
  • Providing the option to issuers eligible to the streamlined rules to adopt semi-annual financial reporting;
  • Modernisation and lightening of the prospectus disclosure requirements. 

Our comment letter is available in our “Resource center” section of our website