Québec Bourse submits its recommendation within the Québec Finance Minister’s pre-budget consultations

Québec Bourse has submitted its recommendations within the Québec Finance Minister’s pre-budget conultations.

Public financing and stock exchange listings are declining in the province. Québec has only 200 companies listed on Candian exchanges (87 on TSXX), representing 7% of total companies listed on Canadian exchanges (200 out of 2 929).

The public financing ecosystem needs a boost in Québec. The status quo would have adverse consequences. Québec Bourse proposed plan offers many advantages for the development of Québec’s economy. In addition to stimulating companies’ permanent capital financing, poromoting the participation of Quebecers in the financing of Québec companies, the proposed plan will faciliate maintaing a pol of experts. Our plan should also have a positive impact on Québec company ownership transfer to Québec buyersand consequently maintaining head offices in the province. 

The recommendations are available (in French) under the section “Resources Center”