Québec Bourse reacts to the Leitão budget and to CSA Staff Notice 51-353

Please find hreunder the translation of our March 28, 2018 press release:

Montréal, March 28, 2018 – Québec Bourse inc. is disappointed with the budget. While it is pleased for all the businesses that will benefit from the measures and the significant amounts allocated to their financing, Québec Bourse deplores the fact that the current budget is focused on private equity only, without any consideration for the public financing ecosystem.

A dynamic public financing ecosystem is essential to support businesses and private equity investment and to establish Montréal as an international financial center. As we get closer to the 2018 election, we will pursue our advocacy initiatives.

With respect to the pubication od CSA Staff Notice 51-353, Québec Bourse welcomes the update provided by the regulatory authorities on last summer consultation on reducing the regultoy burden of issuers. A better balance between regulatory requirements and investor protection must be underpinned by a drive to innovate. Québec Bourse will sollicit a meeting with the AMF to discuss the proposed solutions and ensure that the recommendations made in its brief are considered and brought forward.

About Québec Bourse: 

Québec Bourse Inc. is an association that brings together Québec public companies and other stakeholders forming the public market ecosystem. Established as the voice of Québec’s public companies and their key representative in dealing with regulatory and government authorities, Québec Bourse also aims to, amongst other things, increase members’ visibility,  and foster collaboration, networking and sharing of best practices among members.


Louis Doyle, Executive Director, Québec Bourse

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