Nomination of Mr. Louis Doyle as managing director of Québec Bourse

Québec Bourse is pround to announce the nomination of Mr. Louis Doyle as managing director of the association.


Mr. Doyle has over 30 years of experience in capital markets, particularly in management of operation, business development, marketing, and listing services.HHe is also currently a member of the coordination committee overseeing the work of the “Groupe de travail sur le déficit d’inscription de sociétés québécoises en bourse”. Between October 1, 2001 and December 4, 2015 he was Vice-President, Montréal of the TSX Venture Exchange. As such he was responsible for business development and listing activities in the Province of Québec and Atlantic Canada. Until leaving the exchange, he was Chairman of TSX Venture Listing Committee, member of the Policy Committee and also led the nationwide TSX Venture Mentorship program.


About Québec Bourse


Québec Bourse is an association of Québec based public companies whose mission is to promote their interest and the value of the stock markets.